Turning The Cloud Inside Out

Whatever you think of Bitcoin as a currency, it’s difficult to deny that the underlying technology is impressive.

How Mobile Is Killing Innovation, And How Blockchain Can Save It, makes a case for Blockchain as a key component in a more open, decentralized web.

It’s an intriguing idea, and contains one link in particular that gets to the meat of the issue: How Bitcoin Can Turn The Cloud Inside Out.

The “blockchain” — the engine on which Bitcoin is built — is a new kind of distributed consensus system that allows transactions, or other data, to be securely stored and verified without any centralized authority at all, because (to grossly oversimplify) they are validated by the entire network. Those transactions don’t have to be financial; that data doesn’t have to be money. The engine that powers Bitcoin can be used for a whole array of other applications…

That array includes Namecoin (a decentralised DNS) and Ethereum (“a platform and programming language to build and publish next-generation distributed applications”).

As far in the future as this may be, an internet where peer to peer technology could be a viable option for our cloud computing needs, sounds good to me.


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