Online Alter Egos

Having always taken a certain pride in being consistent and accountable, the idea of online pseudonyms has never sat too easy with me.

We Need Online Alter Egos Now More Than Ever highlights how, whether we realise it or not, the barriers of space and time have always helped us to segment our various real world identities.

Soon, however, the physical world will lose its local privacy. The coming ubiquity of cameras everywhere combined with face recognition means that the taken-for-granted ability to facet our lives in the physical world may be coming to an end.

In that situation, the only private refuge will be online – and only if we have established a tradition of pseudonymity and ensured that there remain places where one can participate without identifying one’s real world self.

Yet one more factor to consider in the complex domain of online identity.


  1. 2014
  2. 2015