The Setup

I’ve long been a fan of The Setup and My Linux Rig.

Inspired by both, here’s what I use to get things done:

What hardware do I use?

My main battlestation is a machine I proudly built myself from these components. Originally a Hackintosh, it’s currently running Xubuntu. My keyboard is a Ducky Shine 3 with Cherry MX Brown switches, my mouse is the Logitech M705 and it all sits atop an Ikea Galant desk.

My personal laptop is a 13” MacBook Air, the perfect size for a laptop and still every bit as good as the day I bought it. I get my day job done on a Lenovo x201. It’s small, sturdy and can still handle all I throw at it after nearly 4 years. It runs Linux really well.

The books I like to read are most often instructional, so E Ink rarely does them justice. A Nexus 7 does solid duty as my reader. My phone has been an iPhone for some time, and that’s unlikely to change. I replaced the stock earbuds with some Sonys and have never looked back.

Nothing of any significance gets done without my Moleskine and pencil. I’d be surprised if anyone but me could make sense of the scribblings; I use it like RAM for the ageing HDD that is my brain.

And what software?

I use Firefox for as much as I can, across every OS – the open web’s important!

I code and blog using Emacs. I got fed up trying to keep the combination of Brew and XCode up to date on my Mac, so that machine has a headless Debian testing VM for all my coding needs. I SSH to the VM from the OSX terminal and it all works beautifully. The Emacs / TMUX combination means I can do pretty much whatever I want from a single SSH session.

Tweetbot on iOS and OSX is by far my favourite Twitter client. Pocket Casts is probably the most important app on my phone.

I’m rather addicted to Hearthstone, so that’s always a click away on the Mac.

For coding, I like to make sure I’ve at least Leiningen, RVM and Node installed.

This blog runs on Jekyll.

What would be my dream setup?

In the not too distant future, we’ll look back and laugh at multi-monitor setups. I’m looking forward to an affordable, large, high-res screen. Beyond that, I’m happy with my current setup. Something that syncs all my machines better than my current Github / Dropbox combination would be the icing on the cake.


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