The Lost Art of Being Bored

Having recently decided to restrict my social media consumption to 30 minutes per day, I’ve been re-discovering what it’s like to encounter random, small windows of free time.

It’s amazing how time that would have been spent mindlessly scrolling through Tweets or checking Facebook, can now be the start of reading a book, writing some code, or even … sitting quietly.

Never the type to shock myself rather than be alone with my thoughts, I was nonetheless surprised to discover that life had become very short of opportunities to deliberate over what I would do next.

Against that backdrop, I stumbled across “Bored at Work? Good”. The principles are equally applicable to life outside work.

[A]ccording to psychologists, if you’re keeping yourself perpetually engaged, you may be missing out on the benefits of boredom–yup, you heard that right, boredom, it turns out, is actually good for us.

Who would ever have thought being bored could be so exciting!


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