Special Order

As a Netrunner fan and general efficiency geek, I’ve never been too happy with the workflow whenever I’m reading some Netrunner forum, see a card name, copy that text, paste it in to netrunnerdb.com, see the card in a new tab … you get the idea.

Special order is a Firefox Addon that aims to simplify the process. After installing, just highlight a card name on any web page, watch the toolbar icon light up (blue for Corp, red for Runner) then click the button to see the card.

It’s an easy one-click install over at addons.mozilla.org.

Version 1.0 includes support for common acronyms (APP > AstroScript Pilot Program), synonyms (Andy > Andromeda), misspellings (Quandry > Quandary) and depluralization (Plascretes > Plascrete Carapace).


  1. 2014
  2. 2015